A short history of Stuart the Hustler

It is with great regret that we have to announce Stuart Attryde’s resignation from the Hustlers after 36 years in the team.  It is typical of Stuart that he has waited to do so at a time when we are well staffed with players.

Stuart joined the Hustlers soon after returning from Hong Kong at the start of the 1980-81 season, being introduced to the team by John Townsend while we were at the Royal Union.  It did not take long for him to make an impact: he played a major part in our Golden Years as the team finished top of Division 6 that year and, in successive years, we finished runners up in Division 5; 3rd in Division 4; 3rd in Division 3; runners up in Division 2 and Champions in Division 1.

Even during our later, less successful, years Stuart continued to play well, and in 2003 Stuart ended the season top of the averages.

From the 2015-16 season Stuart’s occasional bouts of ill health saw him playing less often and last season he relegated himself to non-playing reserve.  However, he continued to turn up to watch when he could and to make himself available at immediate notice if required.

Stuart and Sally have always been keen supporters of the Hustlers’ trips and Stuart has asked that he be kept on the distribution list so that they can stay in touch.  He has promised to attend occasionally to support the team in our new alley.  I know that we will all wish to convey to Stuart our gratitude for his time in the team and our best wishes to Stuart and Sally for the future.

Chairman Andy

3 thoughts on “A short history of Stuart the Hustler”

  1. Concur and it’s sad to say another cheerio. But hopefully that’s it, cheerio but not farewell. Hope to see you pop in whenever you’re available Stu, you can give me grief on how well Glaws are doing this season 🙂
    Thanks for everything you’ve given the team, and although we may not be able to emulate those heady days of Divisional Champions, we still retain the Hustlers spirit as was evident last night in a close loss, a loss that could have been closer to a win if it wasn’t for the muppet with the pathetic score 🙂

  2. I certainly echo the previous comments – Stu has, for a long time, been one of the true Hustlers stalwarts – He must know the majority of Cheltenham bus timetable off by heart now – He was always making his own way to matches, using (I Assume) his well earned bus pass to get around. I for one (of many) will certainly miss him on the alley.

    Thanks for everything Stu – And do try to come and say hello occasionally..

    Clive T.

  3. So, from now on, Stu can just turn up and ‘Brown Jug’** me whenever he wants, but I have no right of reply. Where’s the justice in that?

    ** For new readers, this unusual battle-cry relates to a never-to-be-forgotten match-winning performance at the Brown Jug many years ago. Unfortunately, neither Stuart nor I can recall who was involved or what they did.


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